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Check out this awesome event we ran for the UK Tekken Qualifier on the behalf of Bandai Namco and in collaboration with ESL.

For the second time, Manchester Battle Arena have been given the honour to host Tekken 7 before release and been chosen to be one part of a series of 4 premium qualifiers for the Tekken UK Tour. The winner of this tournament will be granted a qualifying spot for the finals which was held in London Comic Con.

What an event it was with so many attendants travelling from other areas of the country. Many new faces and many old veterans returned to battle it out for that qualifying spot in a 92 man double elimination bracket.

The finals were none other than District G’s C-Krizzle VS offline first-timer CKT | ElementalDeity.

C-Krizzle’s Law made no trouble taking out Elemental’s Lee forcing Elemental to switch characters. Elemental made the switch to new character Kazumi and C-Krizzle struggled with the match up due to unfamiliarity of dealing with this character.

Forcing a switch himself, C-Krizzle opted to go for Raven which worked in his favour for a couple of games but it was Elemental Deity that shown true dominance by switching it up against C-Krizzle’s Raven and finishing the match with an unblockable.

Truly an epic final and one to remember as CKT | ElementalDeity wins his very first tournament and becomes the Manchester Qualifier’s champion!

We would like to thank all Bandai Namco, ESL and Arcade Club for an awesome collaborative effort to make this event smooth and epic as it can be.

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