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Its been a long time coming but these two have a lot to prove to each other since the release of Tekken 7! A lot of smack talk has been present between these two and none of them are willing to back down. What better way to settle the score and end the rivalry than having a grudge match in our Fight Night event on stream?

Zettroid has been doing the rounds upsetting every member within the MBA camp with his large array of characters, beating all the veterans with ease. Amouageking from London vows to put an end to Zettroid’s online terror by beating him offline at our event.

We are extremely excited to see this match. It is a ft10, so be prepared for a long haul battle as it will test how well they will adapt and their endurance!

Don’t miss this fantastic match!

Also lined up are long time rivals MBA | InfernoKong VS MBA | Shadon. These two high flyers occasionally meet in top 8 in all tournaments. Often meeting in grand finals at their locals, but now they want to settle the score with a death match. Who will reign supreme between InfernoKong’s crazy projectile set ups or Shadon’s greed severs or scum dippers (Stun dipper)? Showcasing how Guilty Gear is played, this one is not to be missed! Tune in at 9.30pm to catch this awesome spectacle!

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