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Check out this video clip featuring MBA | Ez and friends: RFTM Roo Kang, Zoe from Tekken Gamer and Edwin Bandai Namco Community Manager and fellow MBA members: Shield, Yingah, Jazda and SpiraNick.

Ez had an impressive result coming 17th in a 206 man Tekken 7 bracket packed with the best european players and featured koreans: Echo Fox | JDCR and Saint. Ez sent pro player: Ryan Hart into losers and managed to scrape wins against tough UK players: Amourageking and Dwnpour, only to be eliminated by Italian’s finest Capo player: Enheas and top 16 placer: HwoRocks.

Ez in his own words: “Didn’t expect to get that far. I am really proud of my achievement and only hope to get better. Been a fantastic event and the atmosphere has been electric. So well done to the Electronic Dojo guys for running, in my opinion the best major the UK has to offer.”



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